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Blanc de Blancs ’96 Brut

President of Champagne Duval-Leroy

Blanc de Blancs ’96 Brut

« This 1996 vintage-based cuvée is the first of Duval-Leroy to reach the best restaurants all around the world. 1996 is an exceptional year for many reasons… »

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A word from the cellar manager

Harvest 1996

1996 was a difficult year affected by intense contrasts of temperature. Flowering took place in mid-June under great summery weather, but a cold front stopped it suddenly. As a consequence we observed the millerandage phenomenon, a grape maturation default that affected various berries. In September, a new cold and windy episode slowed the ending of maturation. A positive result of it is sensible in the accentuated freshness of the wines. Harvest started on the 21st of September.

1996 is often qualified as an exceptional but unusual vintage. This is due to the fantastic level of freshness brought by acidity, well balanced with a strong concentration in sugar.

This situations has not yet been experimented again.

  • 100% Chardonnay
  • Vinification in thermoregulated inox vat
  • Completed malolactic fermentation
  • Time span on the lies: 25 years
  • Origin: 5 Grand Cru villages in Côte des Blancs
  • Dosage: 8 g/l

This Champagne color is a shiny gold with silver reflections. The perlage is very fine and elegant. Aromatic notes are complex: toasted nut, toasted brioche, chocolate powder and warm almond. Some flower hints are still perceptible after all this ageing time. In the mouth, texture shows finesse and delicacy. The freshness is long and perfectly integrated into the smoothness of the wine.

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Share your tasting moment #DLDSchampagne.

Share your tasting moment #DLDSchampagne.

듀발 르로이 브뤼 리저브(Duval-Leroy Brut Reserve, ⭐3.5/5)
: 피노 누아/피노 뮈니에 90%, 샤도네이 10% 블렌딩. 2~3개 타 빈티지 리저브 와인을 35-40% 정도로 더 높게 사용하며 30~36개월 정도 병숙성한다고. 숙성향보다는 상큼한 시트러스와 열대과일, 사과 향이 지배적이다. 호텔 잔이 그닥인 탓인지 버블을 많이 느끼지는 못했다.

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Champagne and nuts 🤤 ...

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